Coding is the new literacy & Computer Skills for all kind of jobs of the future

Everything is moving towards computerization. From the capital markets to healthcare database management, from teaching to food and accommodation business inventories, computers are everywhere. Orders and administration, sales, legal teams, etc. everyone is onboard the internet revolution. There are lesser and lesser jobs that don’t demand computer skills.

Computer programs can revolutionize your personal life as much as it has changed businesses. You can use simple software and programs to manage your expenses, taxes and even handle your own investments. Cloud-based storage solutions can help you to maintain those pesky bills and receipts permanently with no fear of losing track of them.

Programming languages are in high demand currently and being proficient in them will surely to make you an attractive candidate for future jobs. Whichever field you are in, you would be impacted by software sooner or later. Software till a few years back used to be an enabler, like digital banking instead of physical banking, but in the modern era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, this enabling function is slowly taking control of the entire field. Drivers, radiologists, Telecallers and tons of other fields will be redefined in near future by programming. So, if you have not thought of learning to code yet then it is time to do so.

If you need to start with Python Programming,It is used for web applications, servers, media tools and desktop applications among many others. Tech giants such as NASA and Google are using Python, which shows how scalable the language is. The most prominent feature of Python is its code, which well-structured and readable. Web frameworks such as Django and Flask, which are based on Python have gained quite some momentum in a little amount of time. Moreover, Python also incorporates specific libraries for data analysis and quality machine learning.

Choosing a career path with Python is undoubtedly going to reward you well. Python is an ideal language for beginners as it is easy to read and use and also helps it in creating some exemplary projects. Becoming an expert in Python is unquestionably one of the best choices one can make in 2018 as it will safeguard your future. Just to put things into perspective, the top companies that use Python are Dropbox, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, BitTorrent, and many more.

Data science has been a buzzword in the market for quite some time, it has even been labelled the "Best Career of the 21st Century”. Data Science is a multi-disciplinary study, and heavily utilizes scientific methodologies.

Maths and statistics form the basis of most data science techniques. As a data scientist you will need a good foundational knowledge of these core concepts in order to understand how to perform exploratory data analysis, forecast future events, or apply machine learning and deep learning well. When trying to make sense of data, statistics is an invaluable tool as it wrangles the data in an approachable manner.

To become a data scientist, you must have a strong understanding of mathematics, statistical reasoning, computer science and information science. You must understand statistical concepts, how to use key statistical formulas, and how to interpret and communicate statistical results.It include the key concepts of probability distribution, statistical significance, hypothesis testing and regression. Bayesian thinking is also important for machine learning; its key concepts include conditional probability, priors and posteriors, and maximum likelihood.

Data Science exists at the junction of statistics, business knowledge & technical skills. It is a way to extract important information from structured & unstructured data. Data Science also focuses heavily on being able to derive informed decisions and strategic moves from data often termed as insights. Insights are one of the biggest products of practicing data science and offer numerous advantages.

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