Note : There are 3 Modules.
The fee for each Module is Rs 10,000/- for econometrices.
(For both Classroom & Online training)
The duration of classes for each module will be of 1 month. Classes will start in 1st week of each month.Normally It takes 12 to 15 hours to complete each module.For more details please contact us.

Review of Statistical Concepts

Random Variables
Controlled vs. uncontrolled experimental data
Discrete vs. continuous random variables
Review of probability concepts
Expected value
Sample moments of a random variable
The joint density functions
Marginal density, conditional density and independence
Covariance and correlation
The Normal density

The Simple Linear Regression Model

The econometric model
The least squares principle
Estimating the econometric model and interpreting the results
The properties of the least squares estimate of an econometric model
Inference and prediction in the Simple Linear Regression Model
Interval estimation and hypothesis testing
Evaluating the Simple Linear Regression Model

The Multiple Linear Regression Model

The econometric model with more than one independent variable
The least squares principle
Estimating the multiple regression and interpreting the results
Inference and prediction in the multiple regression
Single and joint hypothesis tests of the parameters of the econometric model
Model specification issues
Collinear variables

Non-linear effects in Regression models

Binary variables
Interactions between binary variables
Functional form

Assessing Regression Models


Serial correlation
Random regressors - instrument variable

Additional Topics in Regression Analysis

Estimating regression models with panel data
Regression models with binary dependent variable

Topics in Time Series Econometrics

Stationary time series
Spurious regression
Tests for stationarity

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