I started my Actuarial Studies in 2006 and Pratap sir was my mentor throughout this difficult journey. He is very good at explaining complex concepts. He always motivates students to excel and is always happy to help. He played an important role in my qualification. Thank you sir.

- Saurabh Bansal, FIA 2012,
   Actuary at HSBC( UK)
As popular actuarial science has become, I was lucky to find a teacher like Pratap sir who never believes in teaching the exam passing tricks but actually builds your core understanding of the subject. He has such a deep understanding of the actuarial concepts and is very passionate about teaching. His style of teaching makes it so much easier to understand, retain and apply tough technical concepts. I cleared almost all my ct series in one go and i am sure it wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and knowledge of this wonderful teacher. Thank you sir, we'll never forget you. Wish you every success and happiness in life.

- Niti Singh, Works at Canopius, LLoyds Syndicate(UK)
Very precise and wonderful study notes with questions for each chapter to understand and building the concepts and revise the subject in lesser time . From teaching perspective ,I found his concepts, method of teaching knowledge of actuarial world and subjects , application to real world is outstanding. He is quite stick and deterministic to schedule which is most imp for any actuarial exam. I studied CT1,CT3,CT4,CT5,CT6,CT8 from him. and now I am studying CA1 with him.

- Shilpa Gupta,Consultant in Actuarial Domain, Delhi Genpact
I have studied CT1,CT4,CT5,CT6 from Pratap sir….and I can say without a doubt that my understanding of the subject is very thorough due the effort put in by sir.He is one of the few teachers in this profession who focuses building of concepts rather than just mugging up questions.Also his feedback to a student is very honest and focuses on improvent of that Individual rather than giving him false hope.I have benefited a lot from him and I hope you will too.

- Dhrub Johar,Actuarial Analyst, Delhi, XL India Business Service Pvt. Ltd.
Pratap Sir is a veteran in the field of actuarial coaching He is very thoughtful person. We always had very interactive class. I appreciate very much his answers to all the questions The lessons were very planned and thought provoking. He has always related course material with practical environment

He helps students in getting jobs as well. I am really grateful to him because of him I got job in Swiss Re.

- Ritika Sethi,Actuarial Analyst in P&C Reserving Swiss Re Service Pvt Ltd,Bangalore
Pratap sir's classes-- A place where learning becomes fun.You will not even notice how the time passed and the exams got cleared.I must say that Pratap Sir's classes are really interactive and valuable.

He leaves no stone un-turned and ensures that we grasp the subtle requirements.I cleared 5 papers in an year but never worried about exams.

Thanks to Pratap Sir's guidance

- Devesh Khatri, Actuarial Manager ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited,Mumbai
I have started my actuarial Career under Pratap Sir’s guidance.He is a great teacher with a lot of experience. Pratap Sir has multiple methods to make learning fun and easier for students and they are methods that you can use in other classes as well. The effects he will have on his students are infinite, he will possibly shape the way they proceed in their careers. I think that other students would agree with me that Pratap Sir has a unique system of teaching. Pratap Sir is a prime example of how a good teacher can change learning experience in an extremely positive way.Thanks Pratap sir for being my teacher and guiding me towards the right path of life.

Thanks to Pratap Sir's guidance

- Priya Basra,Senior Analyst Aon Hewitt,Delhi
I have been associated Pratap Sir for the past 10 years. He has always been very supportive of all his students and has been the guiding force in my pursuits. He has a unique approach in teaching and his brilliance of the subject matter helps us students achieve beyond our potential.

- Geetika Govil,Business Analyst at LatentView,Chennai
Everyone actuarial knows the stuff and has the knowledge! but not many can transfer that knowledge to others by bringing their own level to that student's level..pratap padhi is one of those amazing teachers , mentors & guide! a teacher who simply reminds me of the movie... " to sir with love"!!

I wish him luck in his new endeavour and I am sure that the success story has just started !!

- Pulkit Gupta, Analyst Aon Hewitt Healthcare,Delhi
Pratap sir is good at explaining things. He has lot of paitence and a good sense of humour. He always inspire students and improve their learnings.He always enjoy challenging problems.

- Shikha Gupta,Deputy Manager Actuarial,Delhi Canara HSBC Life
I know Pratap Sir the day I started pursuing actuarial Science as a Career. In each and every hurdle, he is always there to mentor me. The way, he solves queries is highly appreciable, as you will doubt yourself whether It was a doubt or not!!!. He is always there to motivate and help the best way out during stress time. He tries to share as much experience as to stand amongst the crowd. As this profession requires lifelong actuarial knowledge, and the way sir teaches is proportionate i.e focus on concepts/basics rather than just clearing the exams. He shares the best of his knowledge and market conditions from time to time. All I can say is when Pratap sir is there, he will take away all your stress. Last but not the least, He is the best teacher and my favourite.

- Ritika Sachdeva,Actuarial Analyst, Delhi Genpact Delhi
I am glad to hear that our so loved professor/friend/advisor has started the his our coaching centre. I have had classes from him on ct1,3,5,6 and 8 and all were my first time passes.. He is just so excellent. Apart from focusing on how to pass the exam he teaches how to understand the the different concepts of an actuarial subject and relates with the real life situations.

This makes his teaching methods quite distinctive than other institutes. He always had an particular attention towards each and every individual in the class and have always answered my most stupid questions with a smile on his face.

Right now I am working in London and have taken classes for SA subjects and found that Prathap sir's teaching methods are no different than a 50 year old qualified actuary...

If you need further information on my actuarial journey with Pratap sir please feel free to contact me on bajaj.rishav@hotmail.com

- Rishav Bajaj, Capital Analyst, AXA Insurance(UK)
I would have never taken Actuarial Science as my career option if I was not taught by Mr. Pratap. By clearing my basic concepts and making it crystal clear, actuarial science became interesting for me. Today I am appearing for SA2 but I owe a lot to Mr.Pratap, who gave me the initial push to reach till here. Thank you very much Sir !

- Shilpika Agrawal, Actuarial Trainee Prudential Assurance (UK)
Pratap sir is THE BEST! He is extremely knowledgeable, patient when it comes to tedious explanations and indulgent when you ask outta-the-blue in-depth questions delving further than required.

He is very skilled at teaching and genuinely cares about his students - so much so that if he notices you in class still pondering a particular query, he'll specifically ask you if there's something you'd like to clarify - what teacher bothers to notice these things normally?!?!? He does. Also, if you give him enough notice he'll always clarify any doubts/confusion you may have had during last minute prep.

If, like me, you're a student that enjoys getting into the subject then he will go out of his way to ensure you have someone to actually help you LEARN the subject, as opposed to merely 'clearing' the paper. This is not to say that he doesn't focus on the 'passing exam formula' - he has a compiled a set of questions for every subject that span the entire course and also a few mind-churners that really make you think - so you are always well prepped for any paper if you do those.

- Anisha Khanna, Consultant, Milliman, Delhi
Pratap sir's teaching has always been spot on. He is very thorough with his concepts. And the concepts prove useful not only from the examination point of view but also help in your work as an actuarial professional. He has an amazing way of explaining things which tend to remain in your memory for long. He is a very helpful person and is always willing to provide counselling even for non academic matters like job search, which actuarial field to choose, which papers to take next.... In nutshell, he takes care of your actuarial career entirely!!
All the best Sir!

- Himani Katyal, Analyst (Actuarial), McKinsey & Company
Pratap Sir has been one of the most inspiring teachers in my life. I was one if his first students and he has been my support ever since. He really cares about his students and he wants each and everyone to understand the concept and not just mug things to clear the exams. I gave my first paper with him and 11 papers hence, I still look at him if and when I have any difficulty Thank you Sir, for being such an amazing teacher and for your confidence in me.
All the best Sir!

- Shubhanjali Gupta, Actuarial, Senior Specialist Willis,Mumbai

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